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America's Hurting Children
One In Four American Children Live In Poverty

A gift of $20 will help us feed four families for a week.

One in four American children go to bed hungry every night. The numbers sadly are growing. They try to attend school during the week but America's poorest children dread the weekends because they have very little food at home. During the week they have a respectable lunch and often breakfast at school. When they go home there is little to eat.

A country as wealthy as the United States of America should not allow any of its Children to live in such dire poverty. We can't eliminate poverty but we can give kids a boost. Something to eat on the weekend will go a long way in helping a fourth grader become a senior in high school. How? Imagine trying to go to school but you're hungry. Imagine you are in the 25% - 40% section of the class that lives in dire poverty.  You look around at the kids at school and you must think, "Why is my life so hard?"  Your self-esteem is on the bottom and you don't want to get up and attend school because you feel like an outcast. But what happens if you have food to eat? What does this mean to you? It means somebody loves you. It demonstrates the love of God. Suddenly you feel like you are worth something to somebody and your emptiness is now replaced with some hope and passion for life.

Our mission is to tell the good news and demonstrate the good news of Christ..

On The donation page you can give to help feed America's hungry children and suffering families. Any amount that
you can contribute will help us provide food.

Please consider giving $10, $20 or more to help us feed America's suffering children.

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